How to Dress When You Go to Watch Live Indian Cricket


Women, cricket is not a man’s sport. For too long this association has been firm in the minds of those that love the sport, but today we are telling the world that women like cricket also. Now that the PL cricket season has swung into the city, we ask the leading ladies of India what they wear when watching the cricket live. So, stop the online cricket betting and become part of the live cricket in India and blow them away with your outfit.

Narendra Kumar’s views on cricket fashion

Soap star and wife of Jay Jay Patel the international cricketer is often at test matches and shares her view here:

“You will see that a lot of women go to these games with polo T-shirts and are comfortable to wear plain or motif T-shirts. For me, these are not stylish. Often, I ask myself, ‘Why are these women dressing like men?’ I am of the belief that women should dress like women, it’s a common standard. Should there be a code to dressing at cricket for women, then I would advise them to wearing a nice comfortable linen jumpsuit that is both smart and muted or as an alternative, a bright printed full-length dress in light georgette or chiffon that’s fun. With this, you can go from evening game to a night out without having to change.

One tip is that Polyester does not work at all. And a pair of cool shade will compliment any look you finally decide on when watching a cricket match.

For the gentlemen, she added “to copy what British men wear.” “The British have a reserved and classic style. A simple shirt under a jumper is perfectly fine or you can go full linen suit to make a statement”.

When the games come back around, we’re betting that Narendra will look fantastic.

Malini Ramani’s views on cricket fashion

Sports reporter Malini is a regular attendee of cricket so get to see a lot of styles from the news box.

“I think it is important to be well-dress whilst watching cricket, most certainly in a professional sense even if no one can see you half the time. But, lets not forget that you have to feel comfortable and good also. Im my opinion, I would wear something simple and something classic. A simple white shirt and smart jeans are something I often wear to a game, especially in the summer. Perhaps, for those wanting to glam up, a white shirt with an accessory of black aviator glasses for the wow-factor.”

When as about any mehndi, she followed up by saying “each to their own, it should be no issue, its part of our culture.”

Malini covers newspaper reporting on Indian youth policy and runs an online cricket betting site that give fans hot tips on upcoming games, that are just as sharp as her fashion sense.

Maheka Mirpuri’s views on cricket fashion

Indian’s famous clothing designer Maheka Mirpuri weighs in on the debate for female fashion within cricket audiences.

Is casual considered lazy is you dress down to watch cricket in India? “You clearly have a section of people that find dressing up too much effort, they are not suited to be at the grounds and would be better off in front of the television watching the game. I associate them with laziness, going out is a privilege in society, instead you have stay-at-home layabouts paying too much attention with online cricket betting.”

Maheka is a self-confessed socialite and blames the rise of cricket online, with the decline in attention to fashion when people go offline.

Mandira Bedi’s views on cricket fashion

One sure know-it-all of fashion in this field is Cricket host and TV game aficionado Mandira Bedi. She strongly feels that the person attending the cricket game should think more about what those watching the game will think about you rather than the result.

“If you manage to get a special invitee box, well, you most-definitely have to wear wide-leg trousers, that don’t need to necessarily flare. With this you wear a plain but smart top along with a few simple accessories. Should you be in the stands, well, then you can keep it more simple with jeans and a casual shirt.”

When it comes to watching cricket in India, you get a lot of wind and open exposure to the sun, this is why cricket in India mostly takes place during October, November, and December months. She finds that if the weather rains, then there is no point and will instead watch the cricket online at

Surily Goel’s views on cricket fashion

Another fashion designer. Surily Goel knows a thing or too about fashion and reports on games through her online streaming channel that reports on live games. Her service covers vast international cricket online and promotes online cricket betting. So, how would she know what to wear at a game if she works in cricket online? Well, Surily is also the presenter of TV show Inside India Fashion.

“My advice is to keep it simple like my quotes!”.