How to Dress for Casinos in India


A hard earned night out to the casino is a venture of magical possibilities. Having the confidence to go on a big day like Republic Day is one thing but looking the part to breed that confidence is another. So, what are the fashion do’s and do not’s?

We take a mild look at the etiquette of casino fashion, what to where when at the roulette tables and what to avoid whilst spinning the slots. Fashion is always a gamble and none more so that when you step into one of India’s hottest casinos.

Facts of Fashion

Before you venture into one of the numerous casinos in India, the very idea of it is enough to put anyone off because there is an assumption that a lot of effort is required to look the part. This idea that casino culture requires all men and women to wear the most lavish of garments is a misconstrued assumption. In fact, the casinos India has, are somewhat relaxed in most cases.

Yeas casinos are aimed at the rich and glamourous, but the fact is, land-based casinos in India are losing out to online casinos and even Matka Games because any customer is a welcomed one.

The Goa Experience

One of the most famous casinos India holds is in Goa, the Deltin Casino Royale. So, what’s the dress code like in this establishment?

Goa is a state on the southwest coast of India and one of the country’s most popular travel destinations for locals and tourists. The vibrant nightlife, white sandy beaches, and relaxed atmosphere of Goa, known as a hippie paradise in the 1970s, make it the country’s hotspot. Since Goa is one of the three states in India where gambling is legal, it is also a great place if you are a fan of casinos.

The Deltin Royale Casino is the largest casino in India. This casino is located on a boat off the coast of Panjim, the capital of Goa. It has four floors over an area of 40,000 square meters with 123 game tables, a bar and restaurant as well as an entertainment area. This impressive venue also includes a VIP gaming area and its own poker room.

If Deltin Royale Casino sounds tempting, you might be wondering what type of dress code the casino imposes and what types of clothing are considered acceptable.

Deltin Royale Casino

As you would expect from a luxury restaurant The Deltin Royale casino in Goa has a dress code that ranges from formal to elegant to casual. While that doesn’t mean you have to wear a tuxedo and ball gown to go to the casino, it does mean you have to wear light clothing compared to other places in town.

The official guidelines of Casino Deltin Royale do not say which types of clothing are acceptable, but indicate which ones are not. These include shorts, sleeveless shirts, sandals, sandals and chappals which are very popular sandal type shoes in India. While these rules may seem a little irrational given the warm weather in Goa, they should be followed at all times.

For women, the dress code is a bit casual and they can wear what they find quite elegant and simple. This means that while shorts are still prohibited, you must go to the casino in a dress and skirt. In addition, women can also enter the casino in elegant sandals.

As mentioned above, Casino Deltin Royale sits on a boat off the coast of Panjim, the capital of Goa. It is one of only six offshore casinos to have received a casino license and as such it is a very popular choice for tourists and locals alike.

To visit the Casino Deltin Royale, players must take a small speedboat to board the ship. In the casino, players can count on a large games room with over 130 different gaming tables, 250 electronic machines and a special poker room where games and tournaments take place daily. The casino also has a VIP area and you can also make reservations to play in a private room where you can also stay overnight.

This casino offers many popular games such as roulette and blackjack, as well as more familiar Indian Indian games like Teen Patti and Andar Bahar.

In addition to a variety of gaming options, the Deltin Casino in Goa also offers patrons two restaurants, a whiskey lounge, a cocktail bar and a terrace. The casino also has a large entertainment hall where concerts and events take place almost daily.

It is one of the more stunning casinos in India and will allow mehndi body art that is subtle. Some of the casinos India has are fully open to it as it shows off the Indian culture and art, where some other establishments prefer not to have it on show to other customers.

Why Play in Land-based Casinos

There are many casinos in India besides the Deltin. With Casino Pride, Casino Paradise, Casino Palms and many other casinos in India, these places offer more relaxed dress wear. If you’re thinking all casino look like what appears in the web series The Casino, then you might be getting too carried away.

More relaxed casinos will allow casual wear that is neat and not scruffy, jeans and trainers are accepted as long as there is no mud or holds. T-shirts and polo shirts are accepted for men and women during the day. It’s common sense when visiting these casinos, just be aware of common standards of presentation within a professionally run establishment. Good indicators of expectations are usually seen in the casino staff - which is doubly handy if you were interested in having a casino job.

Your alternative to all this, is, of course to stay in and play from inside an online casino, from home or a hotel casino, where the dress code doesn’t matter.

Stay in and Play

If you’re of the mindset that the casinos in India are too much effort to go to, then enjoy the same gaming features from any number of online casino sites that are available. By enjoying the entertainment of an online casino platform from your own home, you can same of buy new clothes, save on washing, and appreciate the comforts of being away from other people that don’t know how to relax.